Shanghai JNS Trading Co. Ltd

Established in 2013, Shanghai County Poetry Trading Co., Ltd. aims to help establish links between transnational commodities and local markets, and promote brand value-added and market growth.

Shanghai Junshi Group, founded in 2013 with a registered capital of 50 million, is headquartered in Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai. It has set up branches in Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Japan, and established professional products at home and abroad simultaneously in Jiangsu, Hong Kong, Japan.

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Based on the Chinese market and power, supported by global resources and capabilities, Junshi innovatively created a global import brand marketing business model, and steadily grew into a comprehensive cosmetic agent and marketing enterprise with more industry influence in China. Six years of deep cultivation of cosmetics channel, active distribution of online channels, and Tianmao, Taobao, Jingdong, Weipinghui, gathering, Xiaohongshu and other major mainstream e-commerce platforms have reached good strategic cooperation, established a network-wide distribution system, and truly achieved online full channel, global network coverage; County poetry and the national excellent CS channel agents, KA channel companies, department stores Shopping malls and other special channels, such as offline channels, have maintained very good cooperation and communication, and established a comprehensive, three-dimensional, multi-channel offline marketing network.

As a young company, County Poetry has a deep sense of social responsibility. While focusing on the global layout, it can stand on the perspective of consumers and strictly control the quality of products. County Poetry will further develop the global market in the future and bring more high-quality products to Chinese consumers.

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